Your Life Is in Your Blood

Your blood can give us more information into your health with greater accuracy than a saliva test. GoodCell’s curated tests are designed to uncover meaningful, actionable insights you can use to take charge of your health now and in the future.

What you get

Truly Personalized Healthcare

When you become a GoodCell member, you’re getting more than just a test. You’re getting a lifelong partner in health. Your dedicated Member Relationship Manager will walk you through every step of your GoodCell journey, helping you achieve your health goals as well as facilitating important conversations with healthcare providers and your family.


PROACTIVE SCREENING – Get ahead of your health with a curated set of blood tests that aim to identify undiagnosed early stages of conditions like heart disease, diabetes and chronic inflammation.

GENETIC TESTING – Understand what your genetics may suggest about your predisposition to disease with testing that gives you a benchmark to track against over time.

BIOMATERIAL PRESERVATION – Preserve your cells at their healthiest with the potential to take advantage of the latest medical advances as they emerge.

Our process

Better Health Starts Here

Get ahead of your health with insights, technology and support so you can understand potential health concerns, and take action to improve your quality of life.​

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Join GoodCell

Once you enroll, you will be assigned a Member Relationship Manager who will guide you every step of the way.

Week 1

Receive your Welcome Pack

Your GoodCell kit will be delivered by FedEx. Read the welcome materials and bring the kit to your blood draw.


Get a Blood Draw

Schedule a blood draw at your earliest convenience at one of the 3,000+ nationwide Quest Diagnostics Patient Service Centers located near you – or you can contact us for other options.

After your blood is collected, it will be processed for health screening, genetic testing and long-term storage.

Understand Your Health

Week 3

Receive Your Health Results

We will perform the GoodCell Baseline Health Panel (a series of four blood tests from the blood already drawn), which provides the baseline of your health today.

You will be notified of your results about two weeks after your blood draw. You’ll also receive guidance on how to discuss your health insights with your doctor.

Lisa Paglierani Genetic Counselor
Week 6

Get Genetic Results and Access to Genetic Counseling

Our Inherited Genetic Predispositions Test is designed to identify your potential predispositions to 31 diseases through 59 genes. As part of your membership, you have access to genetic counselors who can provide guidance on what your results mean and actions you can take.

Week 7+

Get Personalized Support

Your private GoodCell dashboard lets you view all test results and your biobank securely. It also gives you the ability to track your health year over year.

Plan for the Future

Store Your Stem Cells, Plasma & DNA

From your initial blood draw, we will store your healthiest cells, plasma and DNA in our CLIA/CAP-certified lab and biorepository for potential future use.

Contribute to Clinical Research

We’ll keep you updated with information on studies relevant to you, and give you opportunities to opt into clinical research​​ at your discretion.


Track Your Health Over Time

Your dashboard and your Member Relationship Manager will help you stay on top of your health trajectory over time through various tools, including annual health screenings or additional testing based on personal needs and interests.

A Healthier Possible Awaits

Register and we’ll be there to direct you to that next right step. A move towards a healthier future. And one stride in the right direction can alter everything. 

Our Privacy Promise

Your data and your biomaterials belong to you, and GoodCell is committed to safeguarding your genetic privacy. Ultimately, you control your data, and you will always have the final say on how you want to use it.

Common Questions

Need more information about how GoodCell works? Get detailed answers to questions about our health screening, genetic testing and biomaterial preservation.

You can schedule an appointment at any Quest Patient Service Center once you have received your GoodCell Kit. Click here to find a convenient location near you: 

If you are unable to get to a Quest Patient Service Center, we can send a certified phlebotomist who will draw your blood in the comfort of your home or office.  

Note: The Baseline Health Panel (BHP) can only be collected at a Quest Patient Service Center. If this is not convenient for you, we can schedule a home collection for the GoodCell Kit and ACMG59. You can then go at a later date to a Quest Patient Service Center for the BHP. 

For most areas in the United States, the cost of testing is included in your enrollment and annual fee.  The includes included are the Inherited Predisposition Test and the annual Baseline Health Panel. 

Note: Residents of NY, NJ, and RI must submit the Baseline Health Panel, performed by Quest Diagnostics, through their insurance or pay for testing with a credit card (separately).  

These states have laws that prohibit Quest Diagnostics from billing GoodCell for laboratory testing.  

You will have the opportunity to submit your insurance information when you schedule your appointment at a Quest Patient Service Center or when you go for your blood collection. Please inform the technician that you would like to use your personal insurance.  

We process and store your sample in our state of the art, CLIA/CAP certified lab and biorepository. This biorepository houses millions of samples and is trusted by large pharmaceutical companies, as well as the National Institutes of Health.  

The site is secured and monitored around the clock, with all temperature regulated storage equipment on alarm notification and generator backup to ensure safe, controlled long term storage.  

As we age, so do our cells. Cells can make mistakes when they copy DNA, and not all mistakes get fixed.  

Outside forces, like UV radiation, can also damage our cells over time. When this happens, our bodies continue to reproduce weakened cells with mistakes embedded in their genetic codes. That is why older cells are not always as equipped to correct DNA damage, generate new cells, produce energy, and fight disease. These genetic mistakes (or mutations) accumulate more rapidly as our cells age. Aging is a critical issue for stem cells, which are tasked with repairing damage throughout the body. 

The best cells you will ever have are the ones you have right now. Storing them means you can use your younger, healthier cells instead of your older, weaker ones when it comes time to fight off future diseases. Biobanking with GoodCell might give you an upper hand against cancer, Parkinson’s disease, macular degeneration, heart disease, and a host of other medical conditions. 

Read more about the effects of damage on stem cells, changes in stem cell function based on age, and how damage to cells affects aging to help you make an educated decision to protect your health. 

With our DNA testing, we offer screening for inherited predispositions to a variety of diseases and health conditions. Our current test analyzes 59 genes associated with medically important conditions, including those designated first tier conditions by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) Office of Public Health Genomics:  


  • familial hypercholesterolemia (FH) 
  • hereditary breast and ovarian cancer 
  • Lynch syndrome (a hereditary colorectal cancer syndrome)

Our test can also identify risk for other types of heart disease, other hereditary cancer syndromes, and more. These conditions are all considered actionable, because there are effective interventions available to reduce the risks to health and improve quality of life, especially when diagnosed early. 

We are constantly expanding our range of genetic screening services, so be sure to check back often.   

Read more about: genetic predispositions, genetic variantshereditary breast cancerfamilial hypercholesterolemia , and the CDC's Tier 1 genetic conditions 

Kelly SwickMember Relationship Manager

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How to Schedule a Blood Draw

Our national partner for blood draws is Quest Diagnostics. You can find the  Quest Patient Service Centerthat is the most convenient for you or call Quest at: 1-888-277-8772. When you have selected a Patient Service Center and are ready to schedule an appointment, Quest will ask you a few questions:
  1. Who is sending you for testing? Choose “Medical Professional.”
  2. What testing do you need? Choose “Other.”
  3. You may be asked to enter insurance information. This is only required if you reside in  New York, New Jersey or Rhode Island.If you reside in any other state, you can reply “No” to this question.
  4. You will also be asked to provide information to confirm your order and for a method of contact.
On the day of your scheduled blood collection, bring your GoodCell Kit and all documents received with the Kit to your appointment at the Quest Patient Service Center. If we can be of any assistance in helping you to schedule your blood collection or locating a Quest Patient Service Center, please let us know by emailing us at [email protected] or calling us at 800-772-0593.