Your Journey to
Better, Simpler Health

Unraveling and interpreting the complexity of your health shouldn’t be difficult—and with GoodCell, it never will be. We make it easy to gain insight into your inherited risks for disease and take informed action to stay healthy longer. Together, we can help put you in control of today and every tomorrow that follows.

The GoodCell Process


Join GoodCell 

Receive your GoodCell kit in the mail with instructions on scheduling a blood draw. Our team of Member Relationship Managers (MRMs) are readily available to answer any questions and assist you along the way. 


Get a Blood Draw

Attend your blood draw appointment at Quest Diagnostics. You can schedule it for whenever works best for your lifestyle—and with over 3,000+ Quest Diagnostics locations nationwide, you can select the most convenient location, too. 


Receive Your Genetic Test Results

Discover your potential risks for disease. Because every disease in your genetic test is medically actionable, you can meet with our genetic counselors to determine the next steps to help keep you healthy over the years. 


Access Your Biobanked Cells

View your personal biobank on the member dashboard. Your cells, DNA, and plasma have been securely preserved in GoodCell’s laboratory and are easily accessible should you ever need them for potential treatments.  

FSA Funds Expire, But GoodCell Doesn't

Use your 2022 FSA contributions now; then get your genetic test when you are ready.

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How to Schedule a Blood Draw

Our national partner for blood draws is Quest Diagnostics. You can find the  Quest Patient Service Centerthat is the most convenient for you or call Quest at: 1-888-277-8772. When you have selected a Patient Service Center and are ready to schedule an appointment, Quest will ask you a few questions:
  1. Who is sending you for testing? Choose “Medical Professional.”
  2. What testing do you need? Choose “Other.”
  3. You may be asked to enter insurance information. This is only required if you reside in  New York, New Jersey or Rhode Island.If you reside in any other state, you can reply “No” to this question.
  4. You will also be asked to provide information to confirm your order and for a method of contact.
On the day of your scheduled blood collection, bring your GoodCell Kit and all documents received with the Kit to your appointment at the Quest Patient Service Center. If we can be of any assistance in helping you to schedule your blood collection or locating a Quest Patient Service Center, please let us know by emailing us at [email protected] or calling us at 800-772-0593.